Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Following in the footsteps of the early digital giants, the insurance industry is finally opening up itself to the age of the customers. The collision between technology and insurance continues while impacting the industry since the computer revolution of the 20th century.

The use of technology to collect, record, and transmit live data has grown exponentially, and for a data-dependent industry like insurance, the impact is likely to be profound. From the rise of wearable devices to the growth of smart devices, these effects are already partially materializing. In the short term, freight forwarders expect smarter cars, homes, and workplaces to be safer, which will have an impact on the volume of claims. However, as technology evolves and new business cases are investigated, it is almost impossible to predict the future direction.

In the greater context, traditional business models across almost every B2C industry have altered drastically in recent years; companies such as Amazon, Uber, and Netflix have changed how customers and companies interact, prioritizing the customer journey and experience over sheer profitability. The impact of this trend on the insurance space has been significant; one-size-fits-all products are no longer enough, nor is expecting customers to weather the storms of poor customer service, opaque claims processing, and product experiences that do not fit their lifestyles.

A growing number of insurance carriers now demonstrably buy in to the concept of technology-driven insurance and are utilizing IoT to realize this; John Hancock, for example, announced in 2018 that all new life insurance policies must henceforth use digital fitness trackers to monitor policyholders. But where are the biggest impacts being felt across the insurance business?

Here, we present the “Top 20 InsurTech Providers” for all the answers:


Head: Adrian Morgan
HQ: London, England
Website: advantagego.com

AdvantageGo leads the way for reinsurance management solutions that are designed to reinvent the traditional way of risk administration. The setup blends high-value elements with the high-octane nature of insurtech to create an effective ecosystem that is built on foundations of agile software and microservices. AdvantageGo offers industry’s best standards in services like reinsurance software, underwriting software, and exposure management software.


CEO: DumitruPuiu
HQ: Bucharest, Romania
Website: cangomobility.com

CANGO provides innovative and integrated tailor fit solutions for various industries like smart mobility and public transportation. The company is also equipped to cater your every need around vehicle data signals. Cango’s ability to position itself as per the presented needs has got it a clientele that hails from innately different areas such as agriculture, transportation and logistics, insurance telematics, and many more. The company currently holds a global presence.


CEO: Jonathan Lewis
HQ: London, England
Website: capita.com

Capita is one of the organizations out to help us better understand the ropes of technology. With its interests in businesses, government sector, and the general public, the company has carved itself a reputation of being a true giant of the industry. While Capita’s roster of services is huge, their strong suit includes services like local government services, digital transformation, automation etc.

Charles Taylor

CEO: Robert Brown
HQ: London, England

Founded way back in 1884, Charles Taylor is currently active across more than 100 locations at the moment. When it comes to things like claim management, insurance management, and other services falling within the similar niche, Charles Taylor stands with the best in the business. As per the numbers, the company handles over 3 million claims every year.

Claim Fox

CEO: Fig Annunziato
HQ: Ronkonkoma, NY
Website: claimfox.com

Claim fox is known to significantly cut back on what you are spending on entertaining the requests for copies of claim files. The company’s ability to structure its solutions as per the needs of a particular client means they can handle a range of such requests. Claim Fox’s upto the standards security and compliance software also ensures that you are not overstepping any regulations.

CLARA Analytics

CEO: Heather H. Wilson
HQ: Santa Clara, CA
Website: claraanalytics.com

CLARA Analytics AI-centric take on insurance has proven to be hugely beneficial for commercial insurance. The company’s ability to use image recognition and natural language processing helps for dissecting elements like medical bills, health notes, and other documents relevant during claim handling makes it a standout amongst all the companies that operate within a similar area.

Covi Analytics

CEO: Waleed Sarwar
HQ: London, England
Website: covianalytics.com

Covi Analytics’ staple resides in harnessing the power of big data to achieve a range of purposes. These purposes can include data visualization, insurance regulation, risk management, and operational resilience etc. Founded in 2016, Covi Analytics has managed to become a reliable player in a industry that has no scarcity of big players.

EIS Software

CEO: Alec Miloslavsky
HQ: San Francisco, CA
Website: eisgroup.com

EIS is an insurance software company that enables many of the world’s leading insurers to innovate and operate like a tech company: fast, simple, agile. Its cloud-native platform for high-velocity insurance enables insurers to grow by realigning their business model around the customer.


Founding Partner: Margeaux Giles
HQ: Tampa, FL
Website: gogiles.com

GoGiles is known as the leading innovator of insurance and finance technologies. The company’s solutions are not built with creativity, but they also come with a touch of ground-level reality. This ensures smooth and effective integration, with less overall costs involved. GoGiles essentially has its strong suits in Salesforce, agency management, and data migration etc.

Insurance Systems Inc

President & CEO: Casey Kretz
HQ: Toronto, Canada
Website: insurancesystems.com

Founded in 1997, Insurance Systems has built itself a fine reputation in the niche of P&C insurance. Through their platform, the company tries to bring a more inclusive perspective to elements like billing, claims, reinsurance, loss control, and financials, which encourages quicker response. Apart from that, Insurance Systems’ platform also offers CRM, a stout rules engine, a flexible document engine to ramp up their bid to be a one-stop solution for all your insurance needs.


CEO: Jason Futers
HQ: Denver, CO
Website: insurdata.io

In an industry where risk and exposure data are still an underdeveloped commodity, Insurdata works tirelessly to turn your data into high-resolution models that bring greater clarity to underwriting procedures and portfolio composition. By doing so, the company encourages better risk management and portfolio management. An added positive of it is also the reduced price volatility at the industry level.

JDX Consulting

CEO: Seamus Smith
HQ: London, England
Website: jdxconsulting.com

JDX is a well-known name when it comes to delivering bleeding-edge operational and strategic solutions for investment banks, financial market infrastructure, and technology enablement. The company has a glowing history of helping businesses in adapting to the new market trends, thus fuelling their evolution. Currently, JDX has around 8 worldwide locations, and 4 key hubs situated across America, Europe, and SPAC.


CEO: RJ Pittman
HQ: Sunnyvale, CA
Website: matterport.com

A leader in comprehensive 3D technology, Matterport is an organization that prosumers and professionals trust for capturing, editing, and sharing 3D modelsof physical spaces. The company’s platform is specifically designed to offer things like 3D data, computer vision, and AEC for catering a huge assortment of needs. Founded in 2011, Matterport enjoys reach that stretches throughout the nation and beyond.


Founder & CEO: SofieQuidenusWahlforss
HQ: Berlin, Germany
Website: omnius.com

Omni:us remains one of the first few companies to have put–together a take inspired by Artificial Intelligence for the primary purpose of cognitive claims management. By allowing data to completely orchestrate their operations, the organization is able to deliver an immersive experience to its clients, helping them achieve better transparency, speed, and operational efficiency.


CEO: Roni-Al-Dor
HQ: Cary, NC
Website: sapiens.com

Founded in 1982, Sapiens belongs to the group of companies that are highly-experienced in providing end-to-end solutions to the insurance companies for fulfilling objectives like reinsurance, financial and compliance, and workers’ compensation. Till date, Sapiens has served over 550 organizations, whilst their workforce clocks a staggering figure of 3,700 employees, which are spread across North America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.

Shift Technology

Co-founder & CEO: Jeremy Jawish
HQ: Paris, France
Website: shift-technology.com

Being the only provider of AI-native decision automation and optimization solutions, Shift Technology is a company that thrives on innovation. The organization’s widely-admired platform in Shift Insurance Suite is responsible for over a billion transactions to this date. A big testimony of Shift’s brilliance came in 2020 when it was awarded Frost & Sullivan Global Claims for Insurance Market Leadership Award.

Smart Communications

CEO: James Brown
HQ: London, England
Website: smartcommunications.com

Smart Communications is currently the only provider of a customer conversations management platform, a product that has gained utmost importance in today’s customer-centric world. With over 500 global brands relying on its solutions for smarter conversations, the company continues to bear the torch for next-generation customer experience. At the moment, Smart Communications has locations in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.


CEO: DarkoDejanovic
HQ: Westlake, TX
Website: solera.com

Solera’s ambitions reside in using data and software to construct a digital vehicle experience. With 7 transactions every second, Solera’s reach as an organization is a cut above humongous, and their presence in over 90 countries proves that big time. The company’s solutions for risk and asset management, smart car, and smart home are trusted by over 235,000 partners and customers across the world.


Co-Founder: Paul Ford
HQ: Los Angeles, California
Website: traffk.com

The folks at Tint technologies have been out to reinvent the way providers integrate insurance into their products and services. With comprehensive data and insights in play, these providers are better able to understand the needs of their offerings, thus paving the way for more valuable insurance packages for customer, while also earning bigger margins at the same time.

VIPR Solutions

CEO: Paul Templar
HQ: London, England
Website: viprsolutions.com

Founded in 2009, VIPR has managed to turn itself into an esteemed name in the industry. The company’s award-winning solutions for easing regulatory and compliance burden are vouched by many of the top insurance providers, managing agents, and brokers. With their strong point in areas like data management and reporting, active underwriting, and managed services, VIPR has every bit of a strong foundation to transform the insurance industry for good.

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