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Advancements in technology are the cornerstone of the development of the construction industry. Like every other industry is embracing digital transformation, construction is no exception. Today, new technologies are being developed at a ground-breaking pace; from drones to AI, the progress has been staggering.

Over the years, data analytics has been a game-changer in the construction industry. Access to data goes hand-in-hand with enterprise integration, resource management, and IoT. By employing automated solutions, contractors can improve transparency significantly, which provides advantages now and in the future. Robotic technology has also recently made its way into the construction technology space. Improved and automated machines could make the heavy work simpler and easier for employees to handle.

As the industry is filled with numerous solutions, it has become a tough task for businesses to find the right solutions provider. That’s why Enterprise Viewpoint Magazine has developed this special edition on Top 20 Construction Technology Solution Providers 2022. This special edition features some of the most innovative construction technology solution providers as well as insights from industry veterans and technology experts. The companies listed below are offering cutting-edge solutions that could streamline construction technology solutions.


Founder & CEO: Dmitry Alexin
HQ: Mountain View, CA

1build is an easy-to-use cost estimating platform that allows contractors to bid with confidence by bringing real-time cost data, takeoffs and expert estimators all in one place. As they are collecting thousands of data points about construction projects in the US, their ultimate goal is to standardize construction data and to codify building assembly and design as an explicit algorithmic language. Over the last 9 months, they have grown 13x in revenue and facilitated $1B+ in construction spend.

Bentley Systems

Chairperson of the Board & CEO: Greg Bentley
HQ: Exton, PA

Bentley Systems is the infrastructure engineering software company. They provide innovative software to advance the world’s infrastructure – sustaining both the global economy and environment. Their industry-leading software solutions are used by professionals, and organizations of every size, for the design, construction, and operations of roads and bridges, rail and transit, water and wastewater, public works and utilities, buildings and campuses, mining, and industrial facilities. 


Co-Founder & CEO: Bassem Hamdy
HQ: Santa Barbara, CA

Briq is a financial automation platform that enables construction companies to be more efficient and profitable. Briq automates financial workflows by connecting the people, processes, and systems that contractors use to run their business. By empowering contractors to make better business decisions, hundreds of companies rely on Briq to manage their budget, forecast, and spend.


CEO: David Murray
HQ: Melbourne, VIC

Buildxact provides residential builders, remodelers, renovators, contractors and trades in the residential construction market with simple online business tools. They help their customers get ahead and stay ahead with estimating and project management software to manage the job end-to-end, from first takeoff to final invoice.

Carbix Corporation

Founder: J. Quincy Sammy
HQ: Quincy, MA

The vision of Carbix is to develop planetary health technologies. Their focus is developing and scaling climate technologies. They use point source and direct air capture CO2 emissions to create products, and in the process seek to reduce or eliminate emissions from a wide range of industry sectors like cement, steel, chemicals, and glass.

Document Crunch

Co-Founder and CEO: Joshua Levy
HQ: Atlanta, GA

Document Crunch harnesses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology and leverages it to help clients reduce cost, increase speed, and improve the overall quality of their contract and policy reviews. Document Crunch’s AI quickly identifies critical provisions in construction contracts, insurance policies, plans/specifications, and many other documents.

Clue Insights

Co-Founder and CEO: Oded Ran
HQ: Los Angeles, CA

With Clue’s innovative platform, the team envision increasing productivity in the construction industry by delivering digitized operations, data-based analysis, and AI-enabled telematics.

Hyper Tunnel

Chair: Mark Carne CBE
HQ: Basingstoke, Hampshire

hyperTunnel is the next generation in tunnelling. Its team of engineers are developing revolutionary infraTech using a unique combination of proven technologies from diverse industries to redefine what’s possible in underground construction. hyperTunnel’s technology will be faster, safer, more economical and environmentally friendly than current techniques.


President & CEO: Mathi Gurusamy
HQ: Irvine, CA

Based on the premise that precise data drives the best possible decision making and, as a result, creates more successful businesses; Mobilogix designs and develops the world’s best and most tightly integrated IoT hardware and software solutions for savvy companies that are interested in being leaders in their respective industries across the Internet of Things.


Co-Founder & Director of Technology: Jordie Puchinger
HQ: Lethbridge, Alberta

Moducore is the leading cloud-based technology provider for the offsite manufacturing industry. Moducores technology is used by Offsite Manufacturers and their stakeholders like their Architects and Engineers, Real-estate Developers, General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Vendors and Government Agencies throughout North America.


CEO: Lucas Carstens
HQ: Oslo, NW

Offsite construction will play a crucial role in ensuring that we build a world in which construction is faster, cheaper and greener. To finally unlock the true potential of OSC, Modulize is becoming the definitive platform for optimised and automated OSC design, planning, procurement and delivery.


CEO: Rob Newman
HQ: Barangaroo, NSW

With Nearmap, organisations unlock opportunities that consistently inform decision making and transform the way they work. Delivered within days of capture their imagery is much higher resolution than satellite imagery and shows changes over time. Nearmap helps users save time and money, reduce site visits and make better informed decisions with current, clear imagery.


Founder & CEO: Steve Harper
HQ: Round Rock, TX

Owner Insite is the only software platform designed specifically to give owners, not just select stakeholders, control over every phase of a facility’s lifecycle. From capital planning through construction to maintenance and asset management, their intuitive cloud-based products provide unparalleled visibility and powerful collaboration and reporting tools.

Pantera Tools

Founder & CEO: DeWayne Adamson
HQ: Pleasant Prarie, WI

Pantera Tools software is for construction professionals who want to simplify their bids, projects, and communication. They focus on providing innovative and easy-to-use solutions for the construction industry during all phases of the building cycle. Pantera works with organizations across the globe and is scalable enough to provide competitive advantages for the largest multi-national retailers, to billion-dollar general contractors, to even the local plumber down the street.


Founder & Executive Chairman: Kevin Priddy
HQ: West Palm Beach, FL

PlanHub is a cloud-based, pre-construction bidding app and management software that facilitates the bidding process between General Contractors, Subcontractors, and Suppliers. PlanHub is designed to connect all sectors of the commercial construction community together in one place and allow General Contractors to send out their project invitations to over 250,000 of the country’s best commercial subcontractors and suppliers.


Founder & CEO: Alastair Blenkin
HQ: Brisbane, Queensland

ProcurePro’s digital procurement & subcontract management software empowers Construction Companies to streamline subcontractor engagement. They help Construction Companies digitally transform subcontractor procurement, increasing quality & profitability via the ProcurePro Procurement & Subcontract Management Platform. 


CEO: Zeev Braude
HQ: Houston, TX

SiteAware is the leading provider of Digital Construction Verification (DCV) solutions to minimize risk exposure in construction and increase productivity across diverse projects. Market leaders in construction, real estate development and investment have chosen the SiteAware DCV platform for real-time error prevention on jobsites, eliminating costly and time-consuming rework.


CEO: Eric Malouff
HQ: Highlands Ranch, CO

Timesuite’s relational architected product was developed to meet the need for a well done and comprehensive product that is easy to use (relational not modular), automates the percentage of completion method of accounting, creates an automated audit trail, and provides a dynamic setup. These concepts distinguish TimeSuite.


Founder & CEO: Omri Sorek
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel

Trusstor is a next-generation on-site command & control system powered by real-time location and site condition sensors, creating a safer and more productive working environment for the construction industry. Led by professional domain experts and leading technological minds, Trusstor designed its solution to assist the site management without creating additional overhead to their already intensive daily operations.

Vitruvi Software

President & CEO: Bryan Mciver
HQ: Calgary, AB

Vitruvi is a GIS enabled, end-to-end telecom construction software platform that drive efficiencies, increases data visibility and reduces costs. Vitruvi re-defines the precision of infrastructure wireless and wireline digital construction management (DCM) by seamlessly converting GIS designs into a web and mobile app-based construction management solution.

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