Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Cloud technology has made huge leaps throughout the recent past. We have seen more and more companies abandoning the traditional setups to embrace the cloud, and this number is only expected to grow as we go full-throttle on the world’s transformation to become a suitable house for advanced technology. The reasons to do so are numerous.

As the craze around advanced tech ramped up, different companies started to restructure their systems to make space for different high-tech components, including the adoption of the cloud. The promise of cloud solutions from Amazon was there right from the get-go, but old habits die hard, so it took years before the presence of cloud could be felt within the organizations.

Over time, Amazon was slowly turning its eyes towards making an impact in a different area. Sensing a revolution in the air, it zeroed upon cloud technology. By creating a whole new subsidiary for cloud computing and other services, Amazon has placed its bet on how the future might shape up for the commercial sphere in terms of technology and its allied elements.

They are already being proven right. The not-so-meteoric rise of Amazon Web Services shows clearly how aggressively the world wants to enlist cloud. As of now, AWS holds a staggering 33% of the cloud industry, a number that is way more than what its presumed competitors, Microsoft Azure (18%) and Google Cloud (9%), can boast. However, there is one major problem. Even though the Amazon Web Services platform has potential in spades, there remains a gap between the platform and the end consumer. To bridge this gap and simplify the process, many companies are now throwing their hat into the ring.

Meanwhile, another set of businesses started aligning their services and offerings in the AWS space to make it more operational and reachable to clients. This even created a new trend of cloud-based solutions that reduces pressure on the client IT systems, with no more system updates and reduced downtime.

A team of researchers, CEOs, and Editors at Enterprise ViewPoint Magazine deeply analyzed the impact AWS is creating in the tech industry as well as how businesses are adopting AWS most creatively. Based on the research, we created a list of some of the top innovators in the industry to help you make smarter choices in tech adoption.

2nd Watch

CEO: Doug Schneider
HQ: Seattle, WA
Website: 2ndwatch.com

2nd Watch is a partner that makes your life easier by helping you stay up-to-date with evolving technology. The company’s excellence in areas like Datacenter migration, application modernization and optimization, data engineering etc is backed by the trust of global brands that hail from a wide range of industries. 2nd Watch’s stacked services package means it’s a one-stop solution for all your technological needs.


CEO: Joel Garcia
HQ: San Francisco, CA
Website: allcode.com

AllCode’s rise to the top has been swift by all means. The company offers on-demand blockchain, big data, and software development services that are designed around your needs. In its 6 years of journey so far, AllCode has already made big contributions to creations like Apache Cassandra. Currently, the company is operating in US, Latin America, Asia, and Europe.


President: Jeff Bennett
HQ: Livermore, CA

Allgress basically assists you with managing your risk posture in a productive way. The company brings in setups like advanced visualization, automation, streamlined workflows to curb the costs of risk management as well as the complexity often experienced around it. Allgress’ also delivers results within a matter of days, whereas the industry’s expected timeframe usually falls in months.

Apps Associates

CEO: Adrian King
HQ: Acton, MA
Website: appsassociates.com

With over 2 decades of experience, Apps Associates has established itself as one of the go-to names when it comes to AWS consulting, ERP services, analytics, integration services, and a lot more. The company’s focus on providing tailored solutions means they are able to cater diverse needs while staying true to their principles.


President: Nagesh Kunamneni
HQ: Lewisville, TX
Website: bizcloudexperts.com

People at Bizcloud like to call themselves the torchbearers of digital transformation. The company helps its vast clientele with things like analytics, social, cloud, and mobile. Even though Bizcloud’s portfolio is loaded to say the least, their strong suits fall within the premises of legacy app modernization, web applications development, Serverless IoT, all this by leveraging the power of cloud.


CEO: Jared Reimer
HQ: Seattle, WA
Website: cascadeo.com

Founded in 2006, Cascadeo has built a reputation of being a reliable partner when it comes to cloud management. The company takes the burden of cloud deployment off your shoulders. From the stage of forming your cloud strategy, through designing and building, to the very point of CI/CD automation, Cascadeo stays with you at every step.


CEO: MJ DiBerardino
HQ: Philadelphia, PA
Website: cloudnexa.com

Cloudnexa instills the culture of cloud computing within the organizations. By designing, deploying, and managing different aspects of cloud framework, Cloudnexa ensures that company is poised to progress further in this regard. More importantly, the fact that you only pay once you are actively using Cloudnexa’s CmaaS (Cloud management as a service) add to the trust you can put in the organization.


CEO: Brooks Borcherding
HQ: London, UK
Website: cloudreach.com

Founded in 2009, Cloudreach leads the way in multi-cloud services that have reached throughout the globe. As far as cloud transformation is concerned, only few can consider themselves close to the scale of Cloudreach. This is validated by their history of successful partnerships with the likes of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and a whole host of other prestigious names.


CEO: Gerry Miller
HQ: Seattle, WA
Website: cloudticity.com

Cloudticity has lately become a well-recognized name across the healthcare sector. The increased focus on using cloud technology to crunch out sustainable outcomes means Cloudticity’s services have seen their value rise up exponentially. The company is credited for being one of the first few names to develop a full-fledged health system on the cloud.


CEO: MP Tsai
HQ: Taipei, Taiwan
Website: ecloudvalley.com

Founded in 2014, eCloudvalley is an answer for your every cloud-related requirement. The company’s sheer excellence in providing assistance across areas like AWS Cloud Services, Salesforce solution, AI/ML solution is vouched for by their strong international presence. eCloudvalley has been awarded Financial Times’ “High Growth Companies Asia Pacific” for two consecutive years. As of today, eCloudvalley has served over 1,000 clients.


CEO: John Wasson
HQ: Fairfax, VA
Website: icf.com

ICF is a global consultancy firm that boasts a workforce of over 7,000 employees, all working together to ensure that you get the possible experience. The range of needs that ICF can cater is truly wide as elements like aviation, cybersecurity, digital marketing, homeland security, and transportation, all fall into its list of specialties.

iT Methods

CEO: Paul Goldman
HQ: Toronto, Canada
Website: itmethods.com

Launched in 2005, iT Methods is a well-known and respected Managed DevOps SaaS Platform. The company helps organizations of varying operations in collaborating with cloud by offering services like cloud migration, multi-vendor DevOps environment, and modernizing of the active setup. To this day, iT Methods has won a big assortment of awards, and with how things are going, this assortment is only expected to grow.


CEO: Kenneth Zigger
HQ: New York, NY
Website: logicworks.com

Logicworks helps companies in achieving cloud compliance. With regulations growing stringent by the day in industries like healthcare, finance, SaaS etc, Logicworks’ impact has become more important for the entities hailing from these sectors. Furthermore, company’s ability to harness technology for purposes such as cloud automation, PCI Compliance, Data Loss Prevention, and more, makes it an important partner to have in today’s highly tech-oriented time.

Metal Toad

CEO: Joaquin Lippincott
HQ: Portland, OR
Website: metaltoad.com

With over 15 years of experience, Metal Toad has turned its stature into a pioneer of cloud consultancy, development, and application of cloud strategies. So far, the company has played a big role in developing many award-winning applications for esteemed names that range from Sony, Siemens Wind Power, to NBC, and Warner Brothers. The company currently boasts one of the biggest clientele when it comes to cloud services.

Mission Cloud

CEO: Simon Anderson
HQ: Beverly Hills, CA
Website: missioncloud.com

If we look at the cloud technology landscape, Mission Cloud can easily qualify as one of the household names of the industry. The company’s ability to design its cloud-related efforts as per the client’s needs is almost invaluable in terms of final product. Nevertheless, there are certain areas which can be called the strong suits of Mission Cloud. Some of these areas are Cloud foundation, Managed DevOps, Serverless Consulting, and AWS Cloud Consulting etc.


CEO: Arthur Becker
HQ: Andover, MA
Website: navisite.com

Founded way back in 2000, Navisite is your perfect cloud partner that will bring to you a complete package of progressive services such as Cloud Desktop Services (DaaS), Application Services, Hosting Services etc. Over its 21 years of journey so far, the company’s skill-set has garnered the trust of many global brands, with the total count of satisfied customers going well into thousands.


CEO: JT Giri
HQ: San Francisco, CA
Website: nclouds.com

nClouds remains as one of the most sought-after organizations in the field of cloud technology. The company’s openness to deliver AWS consultation, data analysis, and DevOps services to all kinds of businesses has brought it a glowing reputation from its peers. nClouds has won many awards and recognitions to this date, cementing its credentials as one of the industry leaders.

Rackspace Technology

Director and CEO: Kevin M. Jones
HQ: San Antonio, TX
Website: rackspace.com

Rackspace has built itself a reputation of an industry innovator through its continuous efforts towards the growth of cloud. The company manages your apps, data, security, and multiple clouds with a view to pull maximum value out of every aspect. Apart from the primary offering, Rackspace takes great pride in its customer service, which is deemed as Fanatic Experience TM (the recognized benchmark of best possible customer service).

SekureKloud Technologies

CEO: Suresh Venkatachari
HQ: Chennai, India
Website: securekloud.com

SekureKloud’s principles are largely focused on data protection and overall system security. Formerly known as 8k, the new identity of Sekure Cloud is more intensely focused on making strides in areas like blockchain, cloud, big data, DevOps, and enterprise security. With its force of more than 250 highly-skilled consultants, Sekure Cloud is always looking to cater a diverse set of needs.

Soma Global

Co-founder and CEO: Peter Quintas
HQ: Tampa, FL
Website: somaglobal.com

Soma Global is essentially focused on delivering cutting-edge public safety solutions. Right from the bat, the company has placed immense trust in collaboration to find more innovative ways to save lives of the patients, but also of the first responders. Looking at what it has achieved in just 4 years, Soma Global promises a future full of possibilities.

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